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Patience Lehrman, National Project SHINE Director speaks with President Obama

On April 26th, 2012, Patience Lehrman was one of 12 Champions of Change alum invited to speak with President Obama about her work in promoting immigrant integration across the country.
A little over a year ago, the White House created the Champions of Change program to recognize ordinary Americans across the countries who are doing extraordinary work in their communities. During the last year we have held more than 40 Champions of Change events, honoring over 500 Champions from all 50 states.These are people who are working to end youth and domestic violence, to green our cities, and to renew and strengthen communities through service and innovation. They are working to promote immigrant integration, to provide housing counseling, and to establish broadband access in rural areas of the country. As President Obama said, “By making their communities better places to live, our Champions are helping to ensure that our country’s best days lie ahead.”
To celebrate the program’s one-year anniversary, President Obama met with a handful of Champions of Change. He learned about the work they are doing in their communities and asked what being a Champion of Change means to them.
Each one of them had a unique answer. As Patience Lehrman, National Director of Project SHINE noted, the Champions program expanded the platform of her work nationally and internationally. Five months after the Champions of Change designation, she was invited as a guest presenter at a global immigrant integration conference in Hamburg, Germany.
As the President has often said, change doesn’t happen from the top down and it doesn’t always come from Washington. It happens from the bottom up, and it is driven by people like the 12 remarkable individuals who came to the White House.See link below for full story.

Post by Patience Lehrman

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