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Leading the Future at City College of San Francisco

Imparting wisdom onto new ESL tutors is a significant part of the SHINE Leadership Program at the City College of San Francisco. We are very proud of our consortium here at the National Office and the success at CCSF is a huge reason why National SHINE is so strong. The program coordinator, Denise Maduli-Williams supervises over 200 SHINE coaches in around 90 ESL, Literacy, and Citizenship classes at all of the CCSF campuses as well as surrounding community partner sites. Volunteers are referred to as “coaches” and they serve a minimum of twenty hours per semester. Many of these students coach beyond the required ten weeks by supporting teachers in the classroom. After coaches finish a semester, they are eligible for the SHINE Leadership Program. It can be difficult to start out as a new tutor and utilizing a group of leaders who are willing to lend support to new tutors is a large component to the success of the SHINE program at CCSF. “We have an extremely strong SHINE Leadership Program,” says Denise.

After an application process, Denise writes, the leaders, “assist in running the Orientation and Reflection ceremonies, mentor new SHINE coaches, write,interview and submit articles for the SHINE newsletter, represent SHINE on campus events like Unity Day, fundraise at activities like the campus-wide Food Sale, and go on fun leadership activities like rock climbing!” There are many students who participate in SHINE classes who do not have the funds to en-roll in credit-bearing courses at CCSF. The SHINE Club realized this need and decided to create a new initiative for their fundraising money. The creation of a scholarship for non-credit ESL students hoping to enroll in credit courses now have the opportunity to receive a small stipend. Starting last spring, the SHINE Club members fundraised at events such as the Food Sale to collect money for the scholarship. Each semester, up to $200 is given to a student to help purchase supplies and materials as they transition to credit courses. The scholarships were awarded for the first time last semester with four student recipients. These four stu-dents are now currently enrolled into credit courses at CCSF. Thanks to the incredible leadership of Denise and the SHINE Club members, new opportunities are given to tutors and learners alike each year.

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