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ESL & Citizenship

The Responsibility and Work Opportunity Reconciliation Act of 1996 denied most forms of public assistance to most legal immigrants for five years or until they attain citizenship. The new law placed a higher urgency on completing the naturalization process for many of the elderly immigrants Project SHINE serves. SHINE engaged this legislation head on by emphasizing citizenship in its tutoring programs.

At San Francisco State University, SHINE faculty developed a Learner's Lives as Curriculum framework to create thematic units integrating civic concepts into SHINE tutors' lessons . Learners need these concepts to understand and complete the naturalization process. First Amendment Plus provides an overview of the Learner's Lives as Curriculum framework and the process that led to the creation of citizenship thematic units.

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Explore volunteer opportunities at these locations:

CSU Fullerton, Fullerton, CA
City College of San Francisco, San Francisco, CA
San Francisco State University, San Francisco, CA
San Jose State University, San Jose, CA

Emory University, Atlanta, GA
Georgia Perimeter College, Clarkson, GA

Charminade University, Honolulu, HI

Metropolitan State University, St. Paul, MN
Minneapolis Community and Technical College, Minneapolis MN

New York
Hamilton College, Clinton, NY
Utica College, Utica, NY

North Carolina
University of North Carolina - Chapel Hill, Chapel Hill, NC

University of Texas - El Paso, El Paso, TX

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